Welcome to MilworX! We create props and armor from some of our favorite movies, video games, and shows and bring them to life. We’re just starting out turning our hobby into a full-time production, so please bear with us as we set up this site.

An additional word of warning: THIS SITE DOES NOT WORK YET!!! We are attempting to add cool photos, posts, and site functionality as our schedule allows, so there’s some pretty tempting things on here. However, we are good at making things – not websites. Order here at your own risk (just for now) or check out our Etsy store.


The beginnings of this business were both incidental and inauspicious.  In 2013 we (finally) managed to nab tickets to San Diego Comic Con.  It was our first convention and we wanted to make it special by building our first costume, a full suit of Mark VI Mjolnir armor from Halo 3.  There were some hiccups, including scaling problems and figuring out how to build everything in a water heater closet, but the end result was incredible and made our first convention experience memorable.

Since then we’ve acquired a bit more space and built some more things. And now we’re hooked. You’re welcome.


Hello world!

Welcome to MilworX! We are all about creating incredibly detailed, beautiful, and useable props and costumes for all of our fellow video game and movie enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more amazing details about our current (and past) projects!